Exhibitions (日本語の展覧会歴を見る)

Selected Solo Exhibitions
1992Gallery HAKU, Osaka
1993Gallery MARRONIE, Kyoto
1994Nankinmachi Gallery Cyouya, Kobe
1995Gallery MARRONIE, Kyoto
INAX Galleria Ceramica, Tokyo
1996Gallery MARONIE, Kyoto
1997“Firing clay and granite” INAX Gallery 2, Tokyo
Gallery HAKU, Osaka
“Recent Works” Rose Garden , Kobe
1998 Gallery HAKU, Osaka
1999Gallery HAKU, Osaka
2000“What a World / Works 1996-2000” ABC Gallery, Osaka
“Penny Icon” Galleria Finarte, Nagoya
2001“Cruel Poet” Gallery Sanjo, Kyoto
Gallery HAKU, Osaka
2002“Me” Gallerie 16, Kyoto
2003“ No Assurance” Cubic Gallery, Osaka
2004“Townsfolk” Galarie16,kyoto
“ Dazed” Cubic Gallery, Osaka
2005“Takashi Hinoda” Gallery Pahk, NewYork (Dai Ichi Arts Presents)
“ Mollusc Republic” Galleria Finarte, Nagoya
“ Takashi Hinoda” Dai Ichi Gallery, NewYork
2006“Entartete” Galerie 16,Kyoto
2007“Collapsing Perspective” Galleria Finarte, Nagoya
2008“Collapsing Perspective” Gallery ON ,Seoul, Korea
“Oikos” Galerie 16,Kyoto
2009“Allegory Exploded” INAX gallery 2,Tokyo
“Allegory Transformed” Imura Art Gallery, Kyoto
2010“wound fever” Galleria Finarte, Nagoya
2011“Alternative Muscles” Imura Art Gallery, Kyoto )
“Alternative Muscles” Imura Art Gallery, Tokyo
2012“Old Pine, Conservatism” Galleria Finarte, Nagoya
2013“Unsounded Voices” Dolado Beach,Puerto Rico(Arte_Fits Foundation Presents)
“The Universe Once Was Mine” Elsa Art Gallery,Taipei,Taiwan
2014“Dust in a Vortex in a Vortex Swirling in a Vortex” imura art gallery,Kyoto
2015“Takashi Hinoda Céramiques” Ariana Museum,Geneve,Switzerland
2016“Shades Of The World” Elsa Art Gallery,Taipei,Taiwan
2017“Society of Peers” imura art gallery,Kyoto
2018“Affirming the World” Galleria Finarte, Nagoya
2019-20“Hands and Visionamusement” imura art gallery,Kyoto
2020“Howling Hands on Visionamusement” Galleria Finarte, Nagoya
2021Takashi Hinoda“Expandling Hands on Visionamusement” by imura art gallery" CADAN yurakucho, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions and Art Fairs
1991Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition, Maruei Department Store ,Nagoya (’92,’94 ,’98 ,’01)
1992The 16th Fletcher Challenge Ceramics Award, Auckland Museum , New Zealand (‘94,'95,’96 ,’98)
Asahi Modern Crafts Exhibition , Tokyo
International Ceramics Festival Mino 1992, Tajimi City,Gifu
1993 The Ceramic Biennale’93, Mitukoshi Department Store, Nagoya (’95)
The 2nd Flower Vase Biennale , Sogetsu Museum, Tokyo
The 21th Chouza Ceramics Award ,Tokoname,Aichi
1994The 14th Biennale Internationale de Ceramique d’Art ,Chateau Musee de Vallauris/France, Awarded “Prix de la Chambre Syndicale des Ceramistes”
The Suntory Prize Exhibition’94 ,Suntory Museum, Tokyo
Kyoto Open Air Ceramic Exhibition’94 ,Umekoji Park,Kyoto
1995The 13 th Japan Ceramic Exhibition , Daimaru Department Store, Tokyo , Awarded The Prize of Minister of Education and Culture
The Earth, Message in Mino , Tajimi City Cultural Center,Gifu
Works created at SCCP -from Artists in Residence 1994-1995 ,Shigaraki Ceramic Cultual Park,Shiga
1996The Vases at Galeria Ceramica ,INAX Galeria Ceramica, Tokyo
1997Two Perspectives '97 -The encounter and after years , Hankyu Depertment Store, Osaka
'97 Contemporary Ceramic Arts from West , Gallery TAO, Tokyo
1998Nissin Foods Contemporary Ceramic Art Noodle Bowl Grand Prix Exhibition, Tokyo
1999“’99 The Artists in Hyogo “ Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, Kobe< /td>
”The points of view by contemporary artists Crossover 10” OkayamaCultural Center,Okayama
2000“Exhibition 2000 A Journey to Art “ Gallery KURANUKI, Osaka
“Artist of the future in Nishinomiya“ Nshinomiya City Gallery,Hyogo
2001“Ceramics / the Wall“ Gallery Haku, Osaka
“Korean-Japan Ceramic Cultural Exhibition of Invited Artists“ , Kangnam University,Yongin,Korea
2003“Contemporary Master Ceramists of Western Japan“ Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum
“Ceramic Site“ , Gallery Haku, Osaka< /td>
”Mutsuo Yanagihara and 14 Contemporary Ceramists”, The Museum of Art, Kochi
”The Art of Earth -Clay Works of the New Century”, The National Museum of Art, Osaka
2004”Selected Artists in Kyoto 2004 -New Waves” The Museum of Kyoto, Kyoto
”Ceramic Site 2004”, Gallery Haku, Osaka
2005”Ceramics in New Sense - 50 Objects” Chubu International Airport Gallery ,Tokoname, Aichi
”Galeria Ceramica 110 Works” INAX Tile Museum, Tokoname, Aichi
”Walking Clay- Figurative Sculpture” Dai Ichi Gallery, New York, U.S.A.
2006”SOFA NY 2006 (International Expositions of Sculpture Objects & Functional Arts)”, Park Avenue Armory ,New York ,U.S.A.
”594 Ceramicists visited Shigaraki The survey of the SCCP artist in residence”, Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park,Shiga
”Takashi+2:East Meets East Takashi Murakami and Takashi Hinoda”, . Casa Nova Gallery ,Santa Fe, U.S.A
“SOFA Chicago 2006”, Festival Hall, Navy Pier, Chicago, U.S.A.
2006-7”Human Form in Clay- the Minds Eye ”,Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, and tour through Japan.
2007” Fired with Passion”,Asian Arts & Culture Center,Towson University ,Merryland ,U.S.A.
”Ceramic in Hyogo Something being here and now”, The Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo
”SOFA NY 2007”,Park Avenue Armory ,New York ,U.S.A.
“The Hands on Movement -Crafted Form in Dialogue” , Liljevalchs Konsthall,Stockholm, Sweden
“Asian Contemporary Art Fair New York 2007”, Pier 92, New York, U.S.A.
“Fragiles -Porcelain,Glass&Ceramics” , Marcy Bulfding, Florida,U.S.A./the satellite of Design Miami,Curated by Die Gestalten Verlag
2008“Contemporary Art Life &Art, Coloring with Ceramic” , Higashi-Hiroshima City Museum of Art,Hiroshima
“Fragiles -Porcelain,Glass&Ceramics” , Gallery 113, Kortrijk, Belgium
“Utpia”, Atelier Xiao-Dong ,Beijing, China
“Masters of Disguise” ,Mint Museum of Craft + Design, North Carolina ,U.S.A.
”Relación Cerámica”,Space 2410,Onomachi department Store,Wakayama-City
“Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair 2008” ,Hotel New Otani, Tokyo
“Art+Design Fair 2008”,Park Avenue Armory, New York, U.S.A.
“True Grit -Frames,Fixations And Flirtations” ,McColl Center for Visual Arts,North Carolina, U.S.A.
2009“Art Fair Tokyo 2009” Tokyo International Forum,Tokyo
“Fragiles -Porcelain,Glass&Ceramics”, Al-Sabah Art & Design, Kuwait
“Treasure for the Future” ,Takashimaya Department Store,Tokyo and tour through Japan
2009-10“Breaking the Mold : Contemporary Chinese and Japanese Ceramic Sculpture” ,Dennos Museum Center, Michigan and tour, U.S.A
2010“Art Fair Tokyo 2010” ,Tokyo International Forum,Tokyo
“SONAGI,Hare” ,KiMi Art,Seoul,Korea
“PULSE New York” ,New York, U.S.A.
“San Francisco Fine Art Fair”, San Francisco,U.S.A.
“Next Art Fair”, Chicago,U.S.A.
2011“Scope New York” ,U.S.A.
“Art Fair Kyoto”,Hotel Monterey, 419-room,Kyoto
”Mondes Céramiques”, Centre d’art des Pénitents Noirs /Aubagne,France
“New Millennium Japanese Ceramics: Rejecting Labels & Embracing Clay”, Northern Clay Center ,Minneapolis,U.S.A.
2012”Fairytales, Fantasy, and Fear”, Mnit Museum Craft+Design, North Carolina, U.S.A.
“Ceramic/Figurative: Hiroto Kitagawa,Shigeki Hayashi,Takashi Hinoda”,Takashimaya Department Store Art Gallery,Shinjuku and Nihonbashi,Tokyo
“Art Fair Tokyo 2012” , Tokyo International Forum,Tokyo
“Art Kyoto 2012” Kyoto International Conference Center, Annex Hall, Kyoto
2013“Yamato Dynamics”,Mizuma Gallery, Gillman Barracks,Singapore
“KSCA(Korean Society of Ceramic Art) International Spring Exhibition” Kangnam University ,Yongin,Korea
“Crafting a Continuum: Rethinking Contemporary Craft ” ,Arizona State University Art Museum, Lobby, Lower Level South and Turk Galleries and the Ceramics Research Center and toured through U.S.A.
“The International Prize of The Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2013”, Halls 3, 4 - 3rd Floor, Icheon CeraMix Creative Center,Korea
“ART TAIPEI 2013” Taipei World Trade Center, Exhibition Hall One,Taipei,Taiwan
“Cho Kyoto 2013” , Heisei Kyo-Machiya KYOMO,Kyoto
2014“Art Fair Tokyo 2014” , Tokyo International Forum,Tokyo
“The 9th Paramita Museum Cearmic Art Grand Prize Exhibition” , Paramita Museum, Mie
2015”OBJECTIF TERRE -18th edition of the Chateauroux international Bienniale of Ceramics” Chateauroux,France
”Rokko Meets Art 2015”, Mt.Rokko, Kobe-City,Hyogo
2015-6”Takashi Hinoda et Hadrien Dussoix ”, In Situ Galerie, Morges,Switzerland
2016“Very Addictive - Re extension of Aesthetics in Daily Life” ,MOCA Yinchuan, China
”Young Art Taipei”, Sheraton Grande Taipei ,Taipei, Taiwan
“Rencontre”, The Museum of Ceramic Art, Hyogo
”ARTISTIC PRACTICES 『Face up!』@Art Fair Tokyo2016”, Tokyo International Forum,Tokyo
2016-7”Ways of Clay : Perspectives toward the Future -The 4th Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennale”, National Gallery.Jakarta,Indonesia
2017 ”Art Stage Singapore”, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
”Autour du Japon VI”, Paul Fort, Hélène Aziza Gallery, Paris, France
“Art Sanya Beach 2017” , The St. Regis Sanya Yalong Bay Resort
“KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa 2017”,KUMU Kanazawa-,THE SHARE HOTELS,Kanazawa,Ishikawa
2018”Travelers: Stepping into the Unknown”,National Museum of Art,Osaka(Provided a sound peice as a part of Karin Sander's Artwork)
”Art KAOHSIUNG”, Kaohsiung Chennai City Suite Hotel,Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
2019”Sodeisha ーConnected to Australia”,Newcastle Art Gallery,Australia
”Takashi HINODA × Aya KAWATO”, imura art gallery,Kyoto
2019-20”New Collections”, Museum of Modern Ceramic Art,Gifu
2020”IROE” Kazuhiro Shimo,Takashi Hinoda,Mikiko Tomita, YakataYusai,Tokyo
”CROSSING”, Elsa GalleryTaipei
”Art Taichung 2020”, Millennium Hotels and Resorts,Taichung,Taiwan
”sequence ART 2020”, sequence KYOTO GOJO
2021”Art Fair Tokyo 2021”, Tokyo International Forum,Tokyo
”Exploring the Tile: from diversified perspectives of ceramic artists” , Mosaic Tile Museum,Tajimi,Gifu
”Generation -out of darkness”, Online Exhibition curated WIRED magazine
2022”Re: Freshers‐New Acquisitions” , Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art,Hyogo
“Art Collaboration Kyoto 2022", ACK Curates Public Program "Flowers of Time" curated Jam Acuzar
2023“One Art Taipei", Hotel Metropolitan Premier, Taipei,Taiwan
“Taipei Dangdai 2023", Solo Show in Edge Sector booth of imura art gallery, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Taipei,Taiwan
2024”Art Fair Tokyo 2024”, Tokyo International Forum,Tokyo